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Meet the  parents


Wicki X Qwinn German Shepherd
Meet the  litter


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about breeding program




Yolo Canine Academy home of world famous Vom Riegelhaus Kennels is proud to offer for sale German Shepherd and Rottweiler puppies as well as trained adult dogs for sale. Our dogs are purchased and utilized in many capacities including but not limited to: family pet and companion dogs, police service dogs, Schutzhund prospects, service animals, home and/or personal protection. Our clients include celebrity and private clients.

Vom Riegelhaus Kennels breeds for excellent stable temperaments, structural soundness, and trainability. Many generations of the Vom Riegelhaus breeding progeny  have ensured intense screening for temperament and soundness. Breeding animals are OFA certified, microchipped, and DNA tested. All dogs are sold with a written guarantee for common genetic conditions.

Our guarantee offers the highest quality and affordability to our clients. We are dedicated to each and every animal and hand raise them for excellence. We strive zealously to match each dog with the most suitable owner and proper situation.

See our testimonial page to see why our clients are among the most satisfied of dog owners.

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