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Quality training by world renown trainer/ handler

Renee Lancaster

"The best trainers are natural animal behaviorists"

-Renee Lancaster


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1st Place Champion

1st Place Champion 

2018 USRC IPO 3 National Championship 

Chiron Vom Rottburg






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Private lessons and evaluations assess your pets temperament and current level of obedience training and training goals. A taylored plan is then devised  based on your pets specific needs. Behavioral challenges are our specialty and no problem is ineligible for possible rehabilitation. Evaluations can be performed at our facility or in the privacy of your home and are scheduled by appointment only. Puppies are welcome but must have at least two vaccinations for


Cost is $125 per individual lesson or $100 per lesson for four or more lessons.



Yolo Canine Academy offers weekly group obedience classes at our state of the art indoor and outdoor training facility which is  able to accommodate all weather conditions. Classes are open to all breeds small and large. We feel strongly that small dogs benefit from group exposure with a variety of breeds. YCA offers three levels of training: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level consists of six, one-hour weekly sessions. 

Cost is $150 per level. Space is limited and requires a $50.00 deposit.



BEGINNER: Beginner obedience training includes; basic on-leash commands (Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, and Come) and resolves common behavioral issues such as jumping up, barking, and aggression. Dogs must be a minimum of four months old and there is no maximum age limit.

INTERMEDIATE: Intermediate training is a continuation of on-leash training with a a goal of beginning off-leash work. New skills include hand signals, agility, and preparation for the American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen Test (CGC).

ADVANCED: In addition to building upon the foundation established in our beginner and intermediate classes, Advanced Obedience Training includes the recall command, off-leash work, agility, and preparation for more advanced AKC obedience titles such as the Companion Dog (CD), Companion Dog Excellent (CDX), and Utility Dog (UD).


Advanced training also provides an opportunity to work on individual behavioral challenges and develop special skills such as walking multiple dogs, bicycle riding , skateboarding, etc.

All problem dogs, including those that are dog reactive are welcome as long as they have completed the first two levels of training.



Our Police K-9 Patrol Program consists of four intensive weeks of both classroom and hands on training. YCA implements realistic scenarios which focus on specific department goals, officer safety, suspect apprehension, tracking, area searches and on and off leash control.

Cost is determined upon needs of the Department and a consultation with the Department Canine Supervisor. 



This intensive, customized two week training program is designed to meet the individual needs of your dog. While boarding at Yolo Canine Academy's state of the art twenty acre facility, your pet will be taught on-leash basic obedience commands. Our training program is also designed to modify your pets specific behavior problems.

Our package includes: three private follow up lessons and life-time group obedience classes to ensure continued training success. YCA Dog Boot Camp requires an evaluation  prior to acceptance into this program. Space is limited and advanced reservations are required. Price for this course varies and is dependant upon the specific needs identified during your pets evaluation. This course is a wonderful opportunity for those planning an extended vacation or simply not having the time to devote to their dogs initial training. Contrary to some beliefs, this plan yields great results. Renee's reputation and references within the veterinary profession as well as the general community speak volumes. See our testimonials.



Personal protection dogs have been proven statistically to deter criminals more than other security measures. Even if a dog is not trained to apprehend a suspect, it has been proven that burglars will bypass a house with a dog. Training your dog is an additional safeguard to you and your family because a dog successfully trained in personal security can take the additional actions to stop unwanted visitors. A properly trained personal protection dog is less of a liability than an untrained house pet. Dogs that successfully complete personal protection training at Yolo Canine Academy demonstrate:

  • Control on and off leash

  • Extreme gentleness in social settings and around children

  • Stable temperament with strong alert and guarding ability


Yolo Canine Academy is home of Vom Riegelhaus Rottweilers and German Shepherd Dogs. The most important aspect of Schutzhund training is working with the right canine companion. Schutzhund requires dedication to the sport and a willingness to learn but is rewarding to both dog and handler. Not all dogs are capable of performing this rigorous sport therefore, an individual evaluation is encouraged in order to determine your dogs ability. 

Should you wish to acquire a puppy or trained adult from us, we proudly  offer our dogs specifically bred for stable temperament and sound working ability. 

Renee Lancaster has competed world wide as a team member several different breeds and has all the qualifications to instruct all three phases of Schutzhund. 



The Yolo Canine Academy Police K-9 Narcotics course consists of an intense four week program involving both classroom and hands on training. At our state of art facility we emphasize realistic scenarios focusing on odor detection, officer safety, and court room testimony.

All dogs are trained to exceed the minimum POST certification standards.

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Whether you acquired your dog from Vom Riegelhaus Kennels or purchased your dog elsewhere, quality training at Yolo Canine Academy will bring out the potential in your dog. While not all dogs possess the necessary quality to be trained for the advance skills of police service, Schutzhund or personal protection, all dogs can benefit from training and obedience programs, regardless of age, breed, or temperament. YCA offers a variety of training services and package deals designed to fit your needs. Renee Lancaster has been a certified trainer for over 35 years in all aspects of training, and will evaluate you and your dog's specific needs to fit the right training program. The training techniques utilized by Yolo Canine Academy have been successful in every breed; We take pride in accepting all breeds, even those that have failed elsewhere.

Yolo Canine Academy is situated on 20 acres in Woodland, California. YCA amenities include a competition lighted training field for both day and night sessions; indoor enclosed building for year-round private and group obedience classes, separate agility course, year round water source for hunting and field trial training, nearby variety of tracking fields (both dirt and grass), and full service boarding kennel for extended stay training.

Contact us for more information on how to get started with an evaluation and learn more about Yolo Canine Academy's successful and proven training philosophy.



Hours of Operation:

9:00 - 5:00 Mon - Sat by appointment only

Private training and evaluations are made by appointment only. Call for more information on our group training schedule. 

(530) 681-1326

34505 County Road 29 Woodland, CA 95695​


Tel:  (530) 681-1326

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